Once Upon A Zipper EPK

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runtime 18:13 FULL FILM TRAILER

SYNOPSIS (short)

Rachel (Kate Gorney-Miller) can’t help but fall for Paulie (Jillian Leigh) the woman helping her try on wedding gowns in this screwball homage to lesbian romantic comedies.


Rachel is an introverted creative with a slightly domineering mother and a secret past. Her parents are overjoyed to hear of her engagement to longtime boyfriend Randy. On the day Rachel is taken to choose a wedding gown she meets Paulie, the shop clerk, who is overheard to have just had a messy break up over the phone. When Rachel gets overwhelmed, Paulie convinces her mom and sister to go out for coffee and as Rachel tries on a dress she gets zipped up and stuck. Rachel and Paulie realize they have affection for one another but when Paulie gets caught up in romance and moves in to kiss Rachel, it does not go over well. Upon arriving home Rachel realizes she’d left her bag at the dress shop and goes back on her own to retrieve it. When she arrives Paulie is still there and apologetic then is surprised when Rachel reciprocates the romantic interest. Rachel asks Paulie on a date for the next day. The spend time together, falling more in love, then Rachel reveals she’d been sent to a gay conversion camp, where she met Randy, and even though Paulie professes her love, Rachel can’t disappoint her parents by being true to her own desires and breaks up with Paulie for the sake of the life she is supposed to be living with Randy. On the day of her engagement party, Paulie shows up to try to win Rachel back but is again turned down. As she tries to process the loss of the woman she loves, Rachel realizes she can’t live a lie and publicly pronounces her love and proposes marriage. The two get married and live happily ever after.



Christie Conochalla is a writer/director who resides in Los Angeles, CA. She enjoys making lesbian content for all audiences. “Once Upon A Zipper” was her second short film. Her most recent project “August in the City” is beginning its festival journey at ClexaCon in March and she is currently in production with a web series called “Forever Not Maybe” starring Mandahla Rose.


Aida Lembo is a producer who resides in Los Angeles, CA. She is known for her work on “Lonely Boy” and “Like You Mean It.”



Garrett Benson is a native of Los Angeles and a third generation director of photography. The family legacy begins with his Set Designer grandfather and continued on with his Director of Photography dad.

Casey, executive producer, met Christie Conochalla in 2010 and she always spoke of her dreams of having adequate money to direct a film. After reading the script he signed on to become a work horse for the film, as well as sign the checks. In his offtime from his day job, he often listens to Conochalla talk about project to project.


Kate Gorney-Miller is an actress and artist who lives in Los Angeles, CA. Kate is a performer, mixed media artist, and poet. She creates much of her work under the alias RosePetalPistol.



Jillian Leigh is an actress known for A Big Love Story (2012), City Baby (2013),  The Badger Game (2014) and the upcoming Friends Effing Friends Effing Friends (2015). Originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Jillian lives in Los Angeles, California where she also works in casting and as a writer and producer on various projects.




Christie Conochalla (dir.)